What to Wear With a Brown Handbag

Whether it is a deep chocolate brown or a crisp khaki color, a brown handbag is a treasured designer accessory in the modern woman’s wardrobe.

By using your brown purse as a neutral, you can wear this notice-me designer accessory for work and for play.

what to wear with a brown handbag

Dark Blue Denim with a Brown Handbag

For a casual stroll through an art gallery or a late summer picnic with friends, contrast your brown bag with your favorite denim pieces. Use a dark-blue denim dress or jeans to dress down your bag.

Add silver arm bangles and large hoop earrings to complete the look.

Try Gold Clothes with a Brown Handbag

wear gold with a brown purse

Bring out the richness of your purse with gold accessories or a winter sweater.

Together a leopard printed brown bag and a gold pussy-bow blouse or a chocolate brown purse and a gold sequin scarf are sophisticated combos appropriate for special events like a dinner party or a summer concert.

Wear Red Clothes with a Brown Handbag

While black and red can look harsh when worn together, lighten up your wardrobe with a splash of red accented with brown. In fact, cherry red is a sexy shade that telegraphs confidence and passion.

Make your favorite pair of red pants pop with a crisp white blouse and a dark brown shoulder bag.

Maybe Cream or Beige Clothing with a Brown Handbag

what to wear with a brown purse

A beige or cream top paired with a brown bottom can look boring. Mixing a suede khaki or brown straw bag into the mix, however, gives your outfit visual interest.

When you want to make your look refined and sophisticated, add a brown beret to your outfit in the winter and a straw brown hat in the spring.

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