Where to Buy Designer Handbags?

When you want to make a statement, handbags are the ultimate luxury accessory. As a fashion concept, handbags are the signature pieces that inspire designer brands. They are desired for their style, quality, character and the statement of status that they make as part of an ensemble.

Where to Buy Designer Handbags

All of these qualities make designer handbags fairly pricey, but for many, the cost is well worth it. So, where should you buy designer handbags? You have many options, but also several considerations to make about your purchase. Are you looking for quality or price?

Are you comfortable buying online or would you prefer an in-store selection? Are you looking for new or second-hand designer bags? Are you willing to travel to find the best quality and price?

These are the questions you should consider when thinking about purchasing designer handbags. Let’s review some options for where to buy designer handbags.

Quality or price: Do you have to pick one?

When considering where to buy designer handbags, you are often confronted with what seems to be a choice between quality or price. You may find the perfect designer handbag at a high-end department store, but then experience sticker shock when you see the price.

You may find that same designer handbag for a much cheaper price online, but then feel disappointment when you realize the quality is not as good as the one you saw in the department store.

The truth is no one wants to be forced to make a choice between quality or price when shopping. You want both and you should expect to find both. It just depends on which is more important to you.

For example, if you have always had your heart set on a particular designer handbag and find it at a department store, then it may be worth it to you to pay whatever price is asked.

But as any good shopper knows, prices definitely vary depending on the retailer. While you may find that perfect handbag at one store, you may believe you can find it for a better price if you keep shopping. And sometimes you learn by shopping that the first store you visited had the best price, or at least a reasonable price.

Shopping in-store or online: Who can you trust?

But let’s say you believe in shopping for the best bargains, and you can find that same designer handbag you’ve always wanted online at a better price.

This presents the issue of trust in shopping, whether in-store or online. It’s important to trust your online retailer, just as you should respect the reputation of traditional retailers in malls or other locations.

Shopping at an actual physical store location allows you to ensure the handbag’s quality and authenticity by holding it and inspecting it. But it doesn’t always mean you will receive the best value.

Some handbag enthusiasts prefer online sellers who offer more affordable rates because they don’t have the overhead that traditional brick-and-mortar stores do. While this is a convenient way to shop and save money, it doesn’t guarantee quality or authenticity.

Make sure the online retailer you consider has a solid reputation, strong customer reviews and a return policy that shows they are committed to satisfying customers. You can see the benefit of shopping in-store to see and feel the handbag you want to buy.

Your online retailer should give you a similar opportunity to see and feel the handbag you want to purchase, and to return it if you are not satisfied.

Buy new or used: Does it matter to you?

There are plenty of places to buy new or used designer handbags. All you have to do is determine which is more important to you: the excitement of owning a new, never-used handbag, or the pleasure of owning a handbag even if you’re not the original owner.

The best selection of new designer handbags will be found at department stores, specialty clothing shops and retailers that focus on wardrobe accessories. Many of these retailers offer a wider selection of their designer handbags online, even if they offer handbags for sale at store locations.

If you opt for a second-hand designer handbag, make sure your seller has a good reputation. You may find these sellers online on auction sites like Ebay or selling on Amazon, or perhaps through consignment shops. Make sure they have an established online reputation by checking their reviews.

You may also find used designer handbags sold at estate sales and auctions, consignment shops and even thrift stores. But it is important to know what to look for to ensure the authenticity and quality of the handbag you purchase.

Global shopping: Is it worth it to travel?


You don’t have to limit your search for that perfect designer handbag to your town, state or even your country. You can find designer handbags all over the globe. The truth is, people everywhere like this luxury accessory.

You can greatly increase your options and selections if you are willing to travel for the best handbags at the best price. The biggest selection of designer handbags at the best price can be found in Europe, specifically Great Britain, France and Germany, according to Vogue.

However, if you are able to travel to find that designer handbag, you should keep in mind the concept of trust.

For example, in many foreign countries, designer handbags, like many items sold for retail, are featured in open-air markets or retailers who set up shop in public spaces and markets.

You should ensure they are reputable and legitimate, and not offering to sell knock-off imitations at designer prices.

You can focus your international search for the designer handbag at established merchants and retailers who have an established relationship.

You may also find that these retailers will allow returns if you are not satisfied, which can greatly relieve any concerns you may have about buying internationally. They also may offer online sales, which will eliminate any travel costs.

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