Where to Repair Designer Handbags?

Where to Repair Designer Handbags

Handbags are often used on a regular basis and, like shoes, undergo wear and tear. Even the most high-end brands, while superbly made for long-term use, may require repair at some point.

Zippers break, seams come undone, hardware loosens, and leather or other fabric materials will unavoidably require cleaning or repair to restore their appearance.

So, if your bag requires attention, we’re here to help you identify where to repair designer handbags in order to restore them to their original state.

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1. Leather Surgeons

Leather Surgeons is a full-service restoration workshop that specializes in designer handbag precision repair, heirloom preservation, and authentication, as well as advice and sample creation for the world’s most prestigious brands.

Leather Surgeons has been developing its own unique procedures, refinishing systems, and spa treatments for a long period of time now. They’re always coming up with new ideas on how to keep the world’s handbags looking brand new.

Gerry Gallagher, the company’s founder, is widely regarded as one of the best leather craftsmen in the industry.

To ensure the highest level of care and security, they only accept products via mail, which means they can receive items from all over the world. Your designer handbag will be cared for by experts when you send it to Leather Surgeons’ studio.

More than 250,000 Chanel and Hermes bags have been repaired, restored, or authenticated by the studio, making them the world’s leading expert on designer handbags.

2. Cobblers Direct

Pochette, cross body, clutch, hip pouch; whatever you call your priceless designer handbag.  It’s an item that becomes a part of you as you travel through life’s adventures. And if your handbag gets scuffed, damaged, torn, soiled, or worse, Cobblers Direct can repair it!

Cobblers Direct is an online platform that employs professional purse-makers with decades of experience that can repair everything from leather splits to damaged hardware.

Purse repair is difficult because each task is unique and done by hand. To create a delicate repair, their artisans must often sew through 3-4 layers of leather, strapping, and lining.

Cobblers Direct recognize that your designer handbag has a story to tell and pledge to treat it with the care so that it can continue to accompany you for many more trips.

3. Without A Trace

Without A Trace is a high-end repairer and conditioner of expensive handbags. Their specialists will inspect every visible and unseen part of your handbag to determine the condition of the seams and supporting components.

And then, they’ll restore your damaged designer handbags to their original condition using the lost crafts of French weaving, in-weaving, and reknitting.

Without A Trace also knows how to clean your leather handbags properly. It is not uncommon for them to work on a piece for several hours.

Repairs and modifications are handled with great care by their skilled tailors. They may also protect your designer leather handbag with their stain shield treatment!

The company takes pride in their many years of experience repairing the most valuable designer handbags in the industry.

4. Artbag

Artbag has been the “secret” of celebrity circles for over eight decades. This designer offers their customers all around the world the best top-quality leather, high fashion, and affordable handbags.

Due to the high demand for handbag repairs, Artbag has taken the opportunity to offer repair and cleaning services to their customers for all of their handbags, not only their Artbag products.

Artbag’s European trained craftsmen always provide you with the highest service and artistry, for your favorite designer handbag or purse.

Artbag is also a great place to go for customized handbags, belts, and wallets!

5. Handbag Clinic

Handbag Clinic cleans and restores designer handbags. They fix handbags for the general public, department stores and fashion firms.

Their staff has amassed extensive knowledge of designer handbag design, manufacture, and authenticity over the years.

Using this knowledge, Handbag Clinic has put together a unique assortment of authentic pre-owned designer handbags, all bought from their loyal clients. Before going on sale online and in their stores, the bags go through a rigorous quality control and authenticity procedure.

That goes on to show how precise they are with handbag repairs!

Their specialists have decades of combined expertise restoring handbags of all brands and models, as well as caring for some of the world’s most valuable and distinctive designer handbags.

6. Anthony’s Shoe Repair

Anthony’s Shoe Repair specializes in handbag repair, which is a delicate operation. Their team is well aware that your handbags are not only essential fashion accessories, but also high-value investments.

Whether it’s a simple or significant repair, their professionals’ experience is second to none. These expert artisans will treat your treasures with great care at every stage of the repair process.

Their workforce has the skill-set to specifically manage your handbag repair while retaining the quality and integrity of the original handbag design, from well-known designer brand names to boutique specialty.

Anthony’s repairs, restores, and cleans thousands of handbags and other leather accessories annually.

7. The Handbag Spa

The Handbag Spa is the oldest handbag cleaning and restoration firm!

Its top specialist, Judy Bass, dubbed “The Queen of Leather”, has over twenty years of experience in the leather care industry. She is regarded as a market leader who advises and trains leather and handbag technicians from all over the world.

The Handbag Spa uses a unique line of cleaning, repair, and restoration materials developed in-house. Leather and fabric technologists create these products specifically for them to achieve the greatest outcomes for your designer handbag.

They also have a unique and intriguing line of home care solutions to keep your purse looking great.

The Handbag Spa has successfully restored thousands of handbags over the years, and they now deal with top designers and brands that endorse their services.

Bottom Line

A tear is no cause to abandon your cherished designer handbag! All handbags, including torn bottoms and corners, can be fixed and sewn.

As read above, there are so many different places to repair your designer handbag. Most of them will take great care of your bag!

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