Sexy Clutches: How to Buy & Wear a Designer Clutch Bag

clutch purse outfit ideas

There isn’t much a girl can’t handle with the right accessories.

That’s why the perfect women’s clutch bag is a wardrobe essential for first dates and spring weddings.

But just like a good man is hard to find, so is a designer clutch purse that fits your style personality, budget and body type.

clutch purse outfit ideas

Here’s how:

Go with Sexy Clutch Classics

gold clutch purse

Buy a neutral clutch bag that goes with everything.

Don’t fall in love with the first designer handbag you see! Be willing to go on a few shopping trips to find the bags of your dream.

If you already own a great blue or black clutch purse, invest in a new metallic or silver clutch for evening.

Think of a Clutch as an Investment Piece

black and white clutch bag

To spend or not to spend, that is the question.

When you’re about to swoon over a $700 dollar Judith Lieber minaudiere or a leather Jimmy Choo handbag, consider the cost per wearing and whether you have a minimum of 10 outfits in your closet that will match the pricey purse.

If not, step away from the designer purse and buy a cheaper clutch.

Let your Clutch Bag Complement your Body Type


Why? A large clutch bag can overwhelm a petite frame, while a plus-sized diva looks wrong with an itty-bitty clutch.  Just like your clothing options, buy a clutch purse that matches your size perfectly.

For example: Balance a large and curvy frame with a square or angular bag. If you are lacking curves, a round or oblong clutch adds a touch of roundness and visual interest to your thin body.

Skip Matching Clutches but Cling to the Same Color Family

animal print clutch purse

While wearing a black clutch purse with black shoes is basic and boring, you can look polished with a handbag color that complements your shoe perfectly.

Try wearing an animal print clutch with your basic¬†reds, blacks or pink hues for a straight-from-the-runway look that is chic and doesn’t disappoint.

Of course, clutch handbags are used for their obvious purpose, to lug around our makeup, keys, wallet, and money.

But finding the right clutch that looks great for work events and evening outings is simple if you buy a versatile basic that is posh and pretty!

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