7 Guitar Straps to Get Your Purse Ready for the Fall Season

Even though we don’t necessarily require new bags once every few months, that trivial reality does not really prevent us from longing for one. We get a rush like no other when we’re carrying the newest IT purse, but that addiction might end up getting a little costly. Fortunately, the newest accessory craze could be the remedy.

7 Guitar Straps to Get Your Purse Ready for the Fall Season

Guitar Straps!

Guitar straps are one such trend that shows no signs of slowing down. And what has taken this trend to another level is the removable guitar strap. This small, reasonable addiction might be the answer to our handbag problem. Your old purse or satchel will be quickly updated and ready to go by simply adding a lovely embroidered, studded, embellished, or printed alternative.

These vibrantly leather straps with embroidery and woven patterns come in a variety of designs, making them a trend we never knew we needed. From the runway to the streets of New York, those geometrically vivid and florally adorned leather straps made by Fendi are what we are here for!

Who knew changing a simple thing like a purse strap could elevate an entire look with so much style and class?

If you want to hop in on the guitar-strap craze, here are our top 10 guitar straps that will take your style to another level!

Top 7 Guitar Straps For Your Purse


Of course, the first one on our list had to be the Fendi removable guitar straps. These leather straps with gorgeous flower embellishments all over them, there really couldn’t be anything more perfect! This strap can compliment any purse or handbag and looks particularly great with the Fendi designer handbag. This guitar strap will add the perfect splash of color to any outfit and makes for the perfect street-style look.


The Valentino removable guitar straps are another treat to the eyes. Available in multiple prints, our top favorite is the native printed leather strap that has beautiful vibrant detailings on it. Perfect to spice up any outfit and superb for the fall season.

Rebecca Minkoff’s Purse Guitar Straps

Yes, we know the first two options are so expensive, you could buy yourself a new bad instead. But another great guitar strap for purses, for a fraction of the price and without compromising on the appearance, is by Rebecca Minkoff. Since fashion-conscious people are adopting a more practical approach to ordinary street style and trying to be more economical, Rebecca Minkoff’s guitar straps and purses are of amazing quality, very stylish, and economical.

You can find a wide variety of purses, from studded embellishments to embroidered leather and jacquard. The choices are endless.

LifeMate Purse Guitar Strap

This is another great and affordable option with a unique style and pattern. These removable guitar straps for purses are wide and long enough for every style. You can wear them however you like because they are adjustable. They will surely revamp the way your purse looks and give you a stylish vibe.

CloudMusic Purse Guitar Strap

The CLOUD MUSIC Guitar Strap offers many styles that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy if appearance is your primary concern. You can navigate through dozens of different designs, none of which are similar to the others. The CLOUD MUSIC straps are distinguished not just by their attractive style. Their product has superior quality as well.

High-quality, glossy textiles let the garments stand out and draw attention. The leather ends and the metal buckle is both of excellent quality. Even the webbing is made of high-quality jacquard fabric for comfort. The straps also have some padding for enhanced comfort when worn over the shoulder.

Beacon Purse Guitar Strap

These purse guitar straps that can be removed totally transform the look of your bag. Beacone Wide Leopard Purse Guitar Straps are designed with leather and nylon straps that come in a variety of patterns. Additionally, the adjustable straps allow you to style it however you like. You could change it up by wearing it as a shoulder-style bag or a crossbody style.

Our favorite pattern from their collection is the leopard print, as we found it so unique and gives a very “IT” girl vibe. You can spice up any type of bag with these straps, be it a tote, a handbag, or a purse. Furthermore, with the price tag, you can buy several prints and keep on switching them up between your purses. You’ll always have a different bag to carry!

Steve Madden Guitar Strap Purse

Last but definitely not least, on our list of the best purse guitar straps is from Steve Madden’s collection. These aren’t guitar straps sold separately, but Steve Madden’s guitar strap purses are pure excellence. You can easily remove the straps and attach them to spice up any other handbag.

Steve Madden’s crossbody handbags are gorgeous and look great with almost any outfit!

Wrapping it Up

We believe the purse with guitar strap trend is a terrific way to switch up the appearance of your bag. It looks super cute and stylish and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The comfort of the guitar strap and the colorful designs appeal to us. Moreover, the crossbody bag is so easy to carry, and the wide strap is super comfortable too.

While the guitar strap trend is certainly not new, it is having a huge moment once more, and for all the right reasons. And in our opinion, it’s a look that is timeless and won’t go out of style anytime soon.

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