Best Expensive Designer Purses

Gone are the days when handbags were merely considered carrying pouches. Today, the handbag industry is cashing out on our need to flaunt a high social status and wealth. Some handbags are so expensive that you can easily buy a house with the money you would spend to buy them. However, there is no price tag for luxury.

The 9 Best Expensive Designer Purses

In this article, we will share some of the best expensive designer purses in the world, so sit tight and enjoy the show.

1. Balenciaga

Created by a Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, this line of luxury premium handbags is crafted with delicate fabric and top-of-the-line material. For handbag enthusiasts who love bright colors, Balenciaga makes sure they get what they want. Before the First World War, this robust luxury brand began to develop its roots and catered to the Spanish aristocracy, especially the Spanish royalty.

From here, Balenciaga was considered a royal choice for those who can afford it. Outperforming its competitors for more than 40 years, Balenciaga has yet to disappoint its customers and drop its price for the average consumer.

2. Prada

The iconic Italian brand Prada has been rocking its customer base with amazing creations and breath-taking designs. Prada launched back in 1913 by Mario Prada, and to this day, it’s the most sought after designer bags for women. The thing that makes Prada better than other handbag manufacturers is its originality and use of premium yet soft colors. When you see a Prada signature bag, you can be certain that the material chosen will be top-notch.

3. Louis Vuitton

The French have always dominated the fashion industry, and when you see the LV signature on a bag, you immediately know that person carrying it is fond of the finer things in life. This is the style statement of Louis Vuitton, and women can’t get enough of it. Ever since Louis Vuitton came into existence, it redefined luxury and fine taste. While LV stands for many different things these days, its exquisite leather goods have made it the most sought-after brand in the world.

4. Hermes

Founded back in 1837, Hermes has dominated the luxury brand market ever since. Today, the brand specializes in many categories such as jewelry, watches, breath-taking perfumes, and even home décor. But Hermes is better known for its off-the-charts handbags with exceptional quality and attention to detail.

The handbags designed by Hermes take an entire day, and most parts are hand-stitched with top of the line leather from all over the world. Hermes spares no expense in creating stunning designer bags for its consumers and doesn’t hold back on the price tag either. Some Hermes Birkin bags become instant collectibles and are sold at a high price at auction houses.

5. Fendi

One of the biggest names in the fashion industry, especially for handbags, is Fendi. Famous for its unique designs and use of fur, this luxury handbag brand will bring the attention you deserve. It’s a perfect blend of colors that look spectacular with any dress. You can trust Fendi to create a bag for every occasion. Moreover, you can expect the price tag to be premium, but it’s less expensive than Louis Vuitton if that helps.

The brand “baguette” collection is perfect if you want to stand out on any occasion. More so, they come in a variety of sizes and designs made from bespoke material, like white lambskin or black crocodile leather, which look and feel more exquisite.

6. Chanel

Being the world’s most expensive handbag, Chanel has away with its designs and color schemes. You won’t find any luxury brand coming close to what Chanel has to offer, so there is no point in looking elsewhere if you want to leave an impression. Founded in 1909, the company has celebrated a century of its reign over the fashion industry, and its dominance seems to grow every year. However, the 1930s brought Chanel’s first handbag, and ever since, women have been crazy for its soft and comfortable handbags.

7. Burberry

When it comes to premium handbags, you can rely on the land of royalty (England) to deliver extravagant purses with a mind-boggling price tag. Started in 1856 in a small shop owned by Thomas Burberry, the fashion house has now taken over the world with its unique designs. Burberry handbags are not only lavish, but they come with robust, water-resistant technology. You can expect a lot of innovation from this luxury handbag brand and a hefty price tag.

8. Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is a luxury brand established in 1966 by Michael Taddie and Renzo Zengario. The brand is renowned for its leather goods and a unique weaving method known as “intrecciato” that forms a braid-like pattern. The interwoven design became the brand’s trademark, making it the only company that does not put its logo on its design.

The sheer confidence Bottega has in its products is remarkable, and you won’t find the same stitching pattern anywhere. The brand gained its popularity in the late 1980s through celebrity endorsement, and now it reigns as the only brand confident enough to challenge the market without a signature logo. A Bottega Veneta design can be spotted from a mile away, and you will have your friends drooling over your exquisite handbag at any social event.

9. Chloe

Gaby Aghion established the Chloe brand in 1952 to deliver ready-made luxury goods that women adore. After more than a decade, Chloe is famous for its iconic handbag designs and sunglasses, and its apparel collections are in a league of their own. If you are looking for a creative handbag with a unique chain design, Chloe will surprise you every year with its collections.

Our Final Thoughts

Luxury handbags are a topic of debate among women. While some consider them overly expensive, others support the high price tag and are willing to pay more.

Goods from luxury brands are very expensive. However, their quality and unique designs are worth the hefty price tag.

You might wonder paying so much for a bag is worth it. You’ll be surprised to hear the answer to be in the affirmative when you ask those who can afford them.

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