Best Used Hermes Purses

You have probably heard of Hermes purses and bags.

Best Used Hermes Purses

Hermes makes some of the most desired handbags in the world. Their lineup has over 80 styles of stunning handbags. However, Birkins and Kellys are the most wanted of them all. They are limited exquisite pieces that fetch a hefty price.

Birkins purses can retain or increase in value, depending on their materials – leather type and metal hardware used – and demand. The most sought-after Birkins are the Black ones with gold hardware. Collectors consider the Constance, the Kelly, and the Birkin as the ‘holy grail’ of Hermes bags. Some consider them a better investment than the stock market.

This is not to say that other Hermes bags and purses are not as good or expensive. Hermes is a French boutique luxury goods manufacturer that consistently ranks as the most valuable luxury brand in the world, according to many rankings and publishers.

Their bags and purses never go out of fashion and you can use them for a lifetime. Their high demand and luxury status are what makes them an excellent product in the resale markets, however, not all resellers of used Hermes products can be trusted.

The 5 Best Used Hermes Purses

That’s why are sharing information on some of the best used Hermes purses that are authentic and fairly priced. You will not find a better deal for Hermes purses anywhere else.

1. Box Marco Polo Club Clutch Bleu Marine

This Box Marco Polo Club Clutch Bleu Marine is a stunning clutch that is beautifully created of box calfskin leather in dark blue. The dimensions of this purse are 13.5-inch length, 11-inch height, and 0.5-inch width, which gives it a sleek and edgy look.

The front flap opens to a matching black leather interior that has an internal pocket. This stunning Hermes clutch is ideal for any day or evening look and you can be sure to impress when you turn up with a one-of-a-kind look from Hermes.

2. Shiny Porosus Crocodile Kelly Cut Pochette Black

The Shiny Porosus Crocodile Kelly Cut Pochette Black is a sleek clutch, crafted with only the finest crocodile leather. Introduced by Hermes in 2016, this is a timeless shiny black clutch that is sure to turn heads.

Made in the Kelly style of Hermes purses, this is a highly sought-after clutch with an eye-catching strap closure made of palladium which can be opened to reveal a flap. You can hold it using its sophisticated top handle. The dimensions are 12.25-inch base length, 5-inch height, 0.75-inch width, and a one-inch drop. This makes it ideal for your evening essentials.

The strap lock features a key-style pin that holds the straps in place to seal the flap. Upon opening the flap, you will be able to see its matte black leather interior. You can store your items here and the patch pocket in the interior. Its Kelly design and the shiny black crocodile skin make it one of the best used Hermes purses.

A chic clutch that is the ultimate luxury accessory, with the timeless appeal and sophistication you can only get from Hermes.

3. Shiny Niloticus Crocodile Egee Clutch Rose Scheherazade

The Hermes Shiny Niloticus Crocodile Egee Clutch Rose Scheherazade is an ultra-luxury evening clutch, crafted of niloticus crocodile. The Egee Clutch design provides a well-known style statement from Hermes and it will never go amiss with any day or evening look.

Introduced in 2013, the dimension of this clutch are 9.75-inch length, 4-inch height, and 1.5-inch width, giving it ample space for your essentials.

The front clasp is made of polished palladium silver and looks like a horse bit. Opening the clutch reveals a matte leather interior, which houses a split inner pocket of full length. The purchase comes with a Hermes box and a CITES Certificate of authentication.

The versatile and stunning Rose Scheherazade Nile crocodile skin with polished palladium silver color scheme is more than enough to land this Hermes clutch in our selection of the best used Hermes purses.

4. Swift Lizard Jige Elan Touch 29 Clutch Black Ombre

Introduced in 2019, this timeless Swift Lizard Jige Elan Touch 29 Clutch Black Ombre is 11.25-inches in length, 1.5-inches in width, and 6-inches in height.

This elegant clutch is made from high-quality, luxurious swift calfskin leather in black. It has a cross-over flap made of lizard skin as well as the trim and a strap that tucks under a signature, lizard skin leather Hermes “H”. The lizard skin adds a stunning contrast to the bag that elevates its look to new levels.

The flap opens up to a black leather interior, which has ample space for your evening’s essentials. Its elegant design and lizard skin trim on black leather make it one of the best used Hermes purses you can buy today.

5. Ostrich Constance Long Wallet To Go Jaune Cintron


Recently introduced in 2020, the Ostrich Constance Long Wallet To Go Jaune Cintron is an eye-catching shoulder bag, finely crafted of ostrich leather in yellow. This exquisite product is 8-inches in length, 4.25-inches in height, 1.5-inches in width, and has a 21-inch drop.

The bag features gold-plated hardware, including a signature H buckle at the flap. The flap opens to a smooth leather interior that has partitions to give it functionality. Here, you’ll get card slots and compartments. You can also use a brown shoulder strap to carry this bag.

It will hold all your evening essentials, wallet contents, and much more. This is a stunningly bold yet sophisticated shoulder bag for day to evening looks. The brilliant ostrich finish on bright yellow with gold trim detail is what makes this an exceptional choice for our selection of the best used Hermes purses.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Used Hermes Purses

Hermes purses and bags will never disappoint and you can be certain they will be talked about, wherever you take them. They exhibit a level of luxury that is without equal in the fashion world and having one in your wardrobe for special occasions is an excellent choice.

Hermes makes pricey products and buying a used one is how most people get their hand on them since the waiting lists and prices of brand new ones are ludicrous. The mentioned products in our selection of the best used Hermes purses are well worth your money and you cannot go wrong with them.

If we had to choose, we recommend the Box Marco Polo Club Clutch Bleu Marine as a budget-friendly option that offers Hermes luxury and style at an affordable price. Although, the Swift Lizard Jige Elan Touch 29 Clutch Black Ombre and the Ostrich Constance Long Wallet To Go Jaune Cintron are our favorites from the bunch.

If price is no object, you could always go with the familiar signature Kelly design of the Shiny Porosus Crocodile Kelly Cut Pochette Black, which is a luxury status symbol from Hermes.

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