Best Leather Conditioners for Designer Handbags

If you’re a leather bag owner, you must know how important it is to regularly clean your prized possession. Designer handbags are like babies that are wholly and solely dependent on you for survival. You can’t just leave them uncared for. You must give them the love and care they deserve in order to thrive and shine like the sun.

Just like how a mother tends to her child, designer bag owners need to look after their babies.

However, not all doting bag moms know what’s best for their baby. Sometimes they fall into the traps laid out by quacks and frauds, and end up buying products that do more damage than good.

Even though leather is one of the most durable products, it can lose its glory if mishandled. Leather handbags can get drab with time. If you want to make them lustrous again, then you must invest in some good quality leather conditioners and products.

You can’t just use soap and water to clean them because that might leave them dehydrated. And you don’t want that. All leather products are made of animal skin so they’re susceptible to dehydration if exposed to desiccating solutions.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

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If you want to refresh your leather handbags then here’s a list of 7 best leather-care products for designer handbags.

1. Coach Leather Cleaner

With great leather comes great responsibility. When you embark on the journey to revive a leather handbag’s suppleness, make sure you use good quality products. This leather cleaner by Coach will work wonders on your leather bag.

If you have a limited edition vintage designer handbag, and you’re afraid to use just any leather care product, then grab a bottle of Coach Leather cleaner.  It’s easy to apply and wipe. Use a soft cloth dip it in the product and dab it on your leather bag. It dries off quickly, then you can use another washed clean cloth to take away any residue left on your baby.

Considering that Coach is a luxury brand, you might assume that this product is going to cost you a lot but that’s not the case at all. Without being too burdensome on your pocket, a bottle of Coach Leather Cleaner offers 118 ml of the product. It’s easily available on Amazon, so it’s basically just a click away.

2. Cadillac Leather Cleaner

This cleaner is famous among the designer bag-owners community. Anybody who is designer bag-savvy knows that this is a great product to remove all the dirt and dullness from leather bags. Use a cloth and soak it with the product, then gently rub it on your bag. Let it dry for 30 minutes then dry it off and voila! Your bag will be good as new.

If you live in a big city, chances are your bag will be exposed to dust and dirt in abundance, so you must invest in this leather conditioner to protect your bag.

3. Cleansing Facial Wipes

Yes, you read it right. We do indeed recommend that you grab a pack of facial wipes to clean your handbag instantly. It’s a quick fix. If you’re heading out to a party and you find your bag a bit dull or covered with a splotch of foreign color somewhere then use a wipe to wipe it off.

It might not necessarily wipe the stain completely, but it will dull the splotch down quite a few notches. So you can carry your bag confidently to any gathering without feeling awkward or embarrassed.

And one of the most common pet peeves of leather bag owners is color stains. It’s pretty common for leather bags to catch the color of an outfit that you’re wearing. If the stain is fresh then using a wipe can help you and save you and your bag from humiliation.

4. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

This leather conditioner by Honey Leather is a great option to nourish your designer handbag. Made in America, this conditioner comes from a brand that’s been in the market for nearly 50 years.  Leather Honey is known for its leather care products and this product is also a part of the same reliable lineage of products.

This leather condition can also help you with your leather boots and belts, along with you precious handbags. It’s highly effective and you can easily purchase it on Amazon. Extremely effective, this product doesn’t overwhelm your pocket and lasts easily for more than a year. For a paltry amount per bottle, this product offers 8 0z of solution. Just one treatment is enough for 6 months of lustrous leather glory.

Its water-repellent, non-toxic, non-solvent, non-sticky and odorless, which makes it more user-friendly.

5. Leather Honey Leather Cleaner

If you are an environmentalist and you only like to buy products that are organic, then this product is for you. Made from all-natural ingredients, it is a non- toxic solution for all your leather woos. For the meager amount you pay, you get a hefty supply of 32 ounces of product that will last you for months.

It’s not only just non-toxic; it’s easy to use as well. Just soak a washed dry cloth in the solution and apply it to your bag. Let it dry and then wipe it off with another cloth. You’ll be surprised to see the difference between the before and after look of your bag.

6. Apple Brand Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Kit

Nope, it has no connection with the tech giant Apple. Even without connections to Steve Job’s IT child, this product is a reliable cleaner. It works great for all leather products but is especially wonderful for leather handbags.

It’s safe for all colors and doesn’t take away the shine form bags. It cleans and conditions all kinds of leather handbags, form any and every designer. Its cleaner wipes away all the filth you didn’t even know existed on your bag. And the conditioner replenishes the skin of your bag beautifully, leaving it good as new.

It’s highly recommended by professionals and is the go-to product for most of the designer bag owners.

7. Cadillac Select Leather Lotion Cleaner and Conditioner

Last but definitely not least on our list of leather-care products. This premium product by Cadillac is probably the best solution for the high-end designer leather handbags. It not only cleans your bag but also nourishes it beautifully. Once you apply this lotion, you’ll clearly feel the difference between the suppleness in your bag’s skin.

Save your prized leather possessions with this premium lotion from all the unwelcome leavings of the environment. Use this product without any second thoughts on your Chanel or Louis Vuitton babies and witness the magic yourself.

Even though it’s top quality, this lotion doesn’t cost much. You should use it on your fanciest leather bags for a visible difference. Once you’re done using the solution, you will not be left with any residual oily buildup that feels like gunk.

And if you have other high-end leather goods, like Gucci belts or wallets, use this product to clean those too. It’s a great investment if you are a leather- hoarder.

Our Final Thoughts

Designer handbags cost a ton and not everyone is born in the family of Bill gates. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have designer bags. You can own luxury bags and use them for a lifetime if you care well for them. Keep your designer handbags good as new with just a bit of care and proactiveness. Every time you feel like your leather bag is losing its beauty, don’t let your heart sink, just replenish it with any of the products from our list of top leather-care products for designer handbags.

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