How to Store Purses Like a Pro: Handbag Storage Ideas & Tips

how to store purses and handbags

When not in use, your handbags, purses, and everyday shoppers may sag, bend, fade, or become damaged in some other way if they’re not stored correctly. You spent good money on your bag, so you ought to take good care of it so it lasts forever. We’ll help you understand how to store purses the…

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How to Restore a Leather Bag

Leather Bags on Display

Everyone has at least one leather bag that goes with just about everything in their wardrobe – it’s a bag that you love and never want to lose. Even though you may have gotten it a while ago, it’s still irreplaceable. We get it. Leather bags are classic and timeless. Not only are they aesthetically…

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How to Repair a Gucci Purse

how to repair gucci purse or bag

Question: I have a Gucci bag that has leather straps and gold metallic on the straps and it is peeling. What can I do about it or can I have it removed?   Answer: Depending on where you live, I would take the purse to a professional handbag repair shop/or luxury dry cleaner to get…

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How to Reshape a Handbag

A woman carrying a black leather bag

All of us own at least one leather handbag that we love more than anything, and it’s simply like our baby. We keep it like it’s a prized possession, take utmost care of it, and prevent it from falling victim to scratches or pokes. It’s our absolute favorite thing in the world, and we use…

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How to Clean a Gucci Bag (Without Ruining Your Pricey Purse)

how to clean your gucci purse

The secret to extending the life of your pricey Gucci bag is to pamper and protect your purse with a thorough and regular cleaning.   Not only will you rid your bag from disease-causing microbes and fecal matter lurking on its surface; but you’ll keep your brilliant bag free from a daily dose of surface…

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How to Clean Your Nylon or Microfiber Purse

how to clean a nylon purse

Is your favorite Prada microfiber crossbody, in need of a thorough cleaning?   Whether you own a nylon backpack or are looking to clean your favorite Longchamp work tote, here’s how to restore the tightly woven polyester and nylon fibers, without damaging your handbag.   Things You’ll Need to Clean Your Nylon or Microfiber Purses…

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Best Leather Cleaners for Purses & Handbags

best leather cleaners for purses and handbags

So, your leather purse or handbag needs to be cleaned…   But, you’re not exactly sure how to best clean it?   You’re in the right place!   With our experience, we’ve found the best leather cleaners for purses and handbags. Any of these choices will help get your bag looking like it did the…

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