Does Handbag Count as Carry-On? EasyJet Policies Explained

Packing for a flight can feel like a game of Tetris, especially when you’re trying to maximize your carry-on items. If you’re flying with EasyJet, you might be wondering: does your handbag count as hand luggage? It’s a common question, and the answer can make a big difference in how you pack.

EasyJet’s baggage policy has its nuances, and understanding them can save you time and stress at the airport. Knowing if your handbag needs to fit within your main cabin bag or can come along as an extra item is crucial. Let’s dive into the specifics and make sure you’re prepared for your next flight.

Handbag vs. Hand Luggage: Understanding EasyJet’s Policy

When you’re jetting off with EasyJet, navigates their baggage policy like a pro. Know the difference between a handbag and hand luggage—they’re not the same in the eyes of the airline.

Hand luggage, also known as cabin luggage, refers to the larger bag you carry onto the plane. EasyJet’s current policy permits one small cabin bag per person on board for free. This bag must fit under the seat in front of you.

Dimensions? Keep it within 45 x 36 x 20 cm. Got that? Perfect.

For the handbag—the smaller accessory that holds essentials. It’s also personal to your style. The crux? If you’ve opted for EasyJet’s standard fare, your fashionable handbag must fit within your main cabin bag.

Here’s the kicker: EasyJet Plus cardholders, FLEXI fare, Up Front, or Extra Legroom customers get an extra treat. Bring an additional under-seat bag like a handbag, or a laptop bag. Remember, it’s important to stay within 45 x 36 x 20 cm.

Bullet points for clarity:

  • Standard fare: Handbag fits within hand luggage
  • Plus/FLEXI/Up Front/Extra Legroom: Handbag plus cabin bag
Customer Type Number of Bags Allowed Size Limit (cm)
Standard Fare 1 45 x 36 x 20
EasyJet Plus/FLEXI/Up Front/Extra Legroom 2 45 x 36 x 20 (each)

So, before you pack, consider your fare and status with EasyJet. Those little details make all the difference. Pick your bag pair wisely and flex your fashion without hassle at the gate.

EasyJet’s Baggage Policy: What You Need to Know

When you’re packing for a flight with EasyJet, understand the specifics of their baggage policy to glide through check-in effortlessly. EasyJet’s policy is clear: you’re allowed one small cabin bag per person on board.

Size matters. Your cabin bag must fit under the seat in front of you with maximum dimensions of 45 x 36 x 20 cm. This is non-negotiable, so measure your bag before you leave for the airport. Don’t get caught out at the gate with a bag that’s too big; it’ll end up in the hold, and you might face additional charges.

If you’re an EasyJet Plus cardholder or have booked a FLEXI fare, Up Front, or Extra Legroom seat, the rules bend in your favor. You’re allowed that small cabin bag and an extra under-seat bag. This could be your handbag or laptop bag.

Here’s the key: Your handbag counts as personal item if it fits within the dimensions. If you fall under the standard fare, optimize your packing to fit your handbag into your main cabin bag.

To avoid surprises:

  • Check your fare status.
  • Know your bag’s dimensions.
  • Pack smart.

Remember, accessories count. That means if your handbag is coming on board, it’s part of that one-bag allowance unless you’ve got that extra allowance through fare type or EasyJet Plus membership.

Let’s think about the items you’ll pack in your hand luggage. You’d want to have your valuables close, right? Make sure you’ve got your electronics, travel documents, and any medication within easy reach. That way, if you have to gate-check your main cabin bag, your essentials are still with you.

Baggage policies can be strict, but they’re not meant to trip you up. They’re there to ensure a smooth boarding process for everyone. Know the policy, pack accordingly, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you look forward to visiting your next fabulous destination.

Does Your Handbag Count as Hand Luggage?

When you’re traveling with EasyJet and divining the depths of their luggage policy, knowing whether your handbag counts as hand luggage is essential. As a handbag enthusiast and a seasoned traveler, you’ll want to make every piece count.

If you’ve booked a standard seat, prepare to pack strategically. Your handbag won’t get any special treatment. It needs to snuggle inside your main cabin bag, which has strict dimensions of 45 x 36 x 20 cm. So choose a handbag that’s compact and flexible; it’ll have to conform to those dimensions.

However, if you’ve treated yourself to a bit of luxury with an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat, congratulations! Your handbag can fly solo under the seat in front of you.

Flying frequently with EasyJet? Consider their EasyJet Plus card. This card is a boon for handbag lovers, permitting an additional under-seat item. Fashion meets function as you pair your main cabin bag with a second piece of handbag artistry without the hassle.

Keep this critical fact in focus: bag size matters. A handbag exceeding the allowed dimensions could end up in the hold or, worse, at the check-in counter with an unexpected fee. It’s always smarter to measure before you leave home to ward off any travel day misfortunes.

Remember, how you pack shapes your EasyJet experience. Hand luggage rules are firm but manageable with a little know-how and some savvy packing skills. Your handbag can still accompany you in style—it just needs to fit within the guidelines. Pack with precision, and you’ll soar through boarding without a hitch.

The Nuances of EasyJet’s Baggage Rules

As a seasoned handbag enthusiast involved in the fashion industry, you value both style and utility. When it comes to EasyJet’s carry-on baggage, there’s a fine line that separates the two. Navigating EasyJet’s baggage rules requires attention to detail—especially concerning your favorite accessory, the handbag.

Firstly, it’s vital to recognize that EasyJet’s baggage policy is stringent. Your cabin bag dimensions are non-negotiable: a single bag not exceeding 56 x 45 x 25 cm, with the handle and wheels included. This means selecting a handbag that complements these restrictions, ensuring it fits within your single piece of cabin luggage.

Upgrading your seat on EasyJet, however, changes the game. An Up Front or Extra Legroom seat purchase permits you to carry an additional item, like a handbag, to be placed under the seat before you. This gives you freedom but requires strategic packing—the under-seat space is precious.

Let’s talk EasyJet Plus cardholders. Alongside speedy boarding and seat selection perks, this card allows an additional under-seat bag. This is where you can leverage your fashion savvy, picking a stylish yet compact handbag to accompany you onboard.


  • Standard seat bookings: Handbag goes into one permissible cabin bag.
  • Up Front or Extra Legroom bookings: Handbag allowed under the seat.
  • EasyJet Plus cardholders: An extra under-seat item is authorized.

For the fashion-forward and savvy traveler in you, these rules serve as a guide to marry style with compliance. Selecting the right seating option or investing in an EasyJet Plus card just might be your ticket to bringing that extra touch of elegance aboard, hassle-free.

Tips for Packing Your Handbag Efficiently

Navigating EasyJet’s hand luggage policy requires a strategic packing approach. As a handbag enthusiast, you know every inch of space is precious. Here’s how to maximize your handbag’s potential when flying.

Prioritize essentials: Think about what you absolutely need during the flight. Your ID, travel documents, wallet, and electronics are non-negotiables. Pack these first.

Choose multi-functional items: Aim for things that serve dual purposes. For example, a scarf can keep you warm and spruce up your outfit, or a tablet can double as your reading material and entertainment hub.

Utilize every nook: Squeeze items like phone chargers or headphones into smaller compartments or pockets. This tactic keeps your handbag organized and ensures you’re using all available space.

Travel-size is your friend: When it comes to liquids or cosmetics, go for travel-sized containers. They save space and meet airline regulations.

Fold and roll your clothing: If you must pack an extra shirt or underwear in your handbag, use the rolling technique. It’s a space saver and can prevent wrinkles.

Pack smart, not hard: Heavy items can weigh you down. Stick to lightweight materials and be selective with your choices. Do you really need three different reading options or can one e-reader suffice?

Remember, with EasyJet, your handbag needs to fit within your main cabin bag or under the seat, depending on your seat category. Investing in an EasyJet Plus card can give you more leeway, but regardless, efficient packing is key.

By following these tips, your handbag will be a compact trove of travel comfort and necessity. Be considerate of size restrictions and choose wisely to keep your journey smooth and stylish.


So there you have it! You’re now well-versed in navigating EasyJet’s hand luggage policy and can fly with confidence knowing your handbag is packed just right. Remember to measure up and pack smartly to breeze through check-in. And if you’re a frequent flyer or a handbag enthusiast, consider the EasyJet Plus card for that extra bit of convenience. Safe travels and happy packing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard baggage rules for standard seat bookings on EasyJet?

For standard seat bookings, your handbag must fit within the main cabin bag with fixed dimensions, as there’s no additional allowance for separate handbags.

Can I bring a handbag separately if I book an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat?

Yes, if you book an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat on EasyJet, you’re allowed to place your handbag under the seat in front of you.

What is the advantage of the EasyJet Plus card regarding handbags?

The EasyJet Plus card permits travelers to bring an additional under-seat item, such as a handbag, providing more flexibility.

How can I ensure my handbag is within EasyJet’s baggage policy?

Measure your handbag to ensure it fits within the required dimensions and pack smartly to avoid separate handbag fees.

What are some tips for packing my handbag efficiently?

Prioritize essentials, select multi-functional items, use travel-size containers, and fold or roll clothing to maximize space in your handbag.

Is investing in an EasyJet Plus card worth it?

If you often travel with a handbag or need extra baggage space, the EasyJet Plus card might be a beneficial investment for the added convenience.

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