How to Fix Purse Handles

Don’t you dare throw away your purse just because its handles are coming apart! You should know that there are plenty of solutions on how to fix purse handles, right? Your purse is your prized possession. It carried all your belongings for years, and now you will abandon it so easily? Unacceptable!

Damage Leather Purse

We understand that some handles are damaged beyond repair, and we’re telling you ― we even have solutions for that. Got you interested now, didn’t we?

Bring all your purses out, from your leather purse, the one you bought at a flea market, the gift given by your friend, and all those imitations sitting in your closet that you don’t use anymore. Now that you have your damaged purses in front of you, let’s assess them. Set aside genuine leather purses and imitations.

The good news is that your leather purse can be fixed with a little edging and filler. The bad news for your imitation purses is that those handles have breathed their last life. However, it’s nothing a soft nylon cord or ribbon won’t fix.

So, are you excited to whip up your purses into as good as new? Let’s start:

Things You’ll Need to Fix Your Purse Handle

  • Nylon art cord
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • White Gum
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint Brush
  • Shoe Polish
  • Soap and water
  • Leather edging
  • Leather filler

As mentioned earlier, there are different ways on how to fix purse handles. We will start with the imitations first.

Fixing Imitation Leather Purse Handles

If your leather purse is of low quality, you likely bought an imitation. The handles are bound to experience some wear and tear that comes with time. You don’t need to worry, because this can be easily fixed.

Step #1

Clean the Damage

The handles will probably have threads coming out of it from all angles. So, cut these threads using scissors and then wipe the handle with a microfiber cloth dipped in a soap-water solution. Set the purse aside, and let the handles dry.

Step #2

Cover the Handles Using a Ribbon or Cord

Depending on your purse’s style, you can either use ribbon for a chic design or a cord for an edgy look. You will find plenty of tying materials on Etsy and Amazon if you want something unique.

There are two ways to tie a ribbon ― the knot style and the simple wrap-around style. First, cut a long length of ribbon. Bring both ends together, and tie them around the handle. Secure this knot with glue, and let it dry for a few minutes. Start tying knots as you move to the other end, and then, glue the ribbon to the inside seam. Repeat if there are two handles. You can use the same method with a cord.

For the wrap-around style, you can either use glue, or if you don’t have that then secure the ribbon using a thread and needle. Make sure to pull tight as your wrap the ribbon and sew in the middle too, so that the ribbon doesn’t come loose. This method works best on purses with soft handles.

Fixing Genuine Leather Purse Handles

Tying a ribbon around your Michael Kors or Valentino purse’s handle seems near-blasphemous. You are mourning the damage and scolding yourself for not taking better care of your leather purse. Still, we don’t think a ribbon or any other cute accessory will help you get that original look back.

Luckily, leather is a popular material, and there are plenty of products for leather goods that can help you fix this damage. Let’s start with a little DIY trick.

Fixing Leather Purse Handles with White Gum

If you don’t have leather edging or filler, this is the best way to fix your purse handles in a few hours. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Cut all the threads on the handles with a scissor
  • In a bowl, pour dish soap and water. Mix it well, and scrub the handles after dipping a toothbrush in this solution. (This will allow you to see all the cracks clearly)
  • Use a non-fluffy cotton cloth and wipe the handles
  • Dip a paintbrush in white gum and cover the cracks
  • Let the gum dry for a couple of hours. Make sure that the handles are slightly stiff to touch. This indicates that the gum has dried into a rubber
  • Use a shoe polish that matches your purse’s color, and apply it over the handles

Fixing Leather Purse Handles with Edging and Filler

If you have a fondness for leather purses, you need to have these two products in your house. They come quite in handy for small as well as large cracks. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Cut all the threads on the handles with a scissor
  • Apply edging on the handles’ sides, and let it dry for a while. Depending on the damage and the color of your purse, you might have to do this at least 5 to 6 times
  • When the edging has dried, use sandpaper to even out the sides
  • Now, use filler to fix the cracks. Use a paintbrush to even out the filler, and let it dry
  • Rub the handles with sandpaper, and then, wipe them with a cloth
  • For extra shine, apply shoe polish and let it dry

Our Final Thoughts on How to Fix Purse Handles

You can use several other solutions to fix peeling and cracks, such as baking soda, vinegar, and repairing dye. However, the methods mentioned above are foolproof. We have provided you with both options ― one with things you can find in your house, and the other with store-bought products.

We would highly recommend you get the leather edging and filling because they give the leather a refined look. Purse handles fixed with leather edging and filling will look as good as new.

So, try these methods of how to fix purse handles and see your purse’s personality change in just some hours.

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