Most Expensive Designer Purses

Do you know what’s common between your best friend and a designer purse? They stick around for long no matter what.

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A classic designer purse is equally important as much as your best friend by your side at a party. Whether it’s a casual dinner or a formal do, a nice purse helps you carry off the look with panache. They can make a simple outfit look classy, but the wrong one can ruin the almost perfect look. Trust us!

If you want to look your best, think beyond a simple pair of jeans, a stylish tee, and a jacket. It would be great if you had something more to add elegance to your style, a designer purse for sure.

Here we give you a list of the most expensive designer purses that are more than just a day-to-day accessory; an investment to look best for a lifetime.

Mouawad Purses

Known for making jewelry and watches, Mouawad ventured into the bag business years later, making them even more popular. Established in Geneva, holding headquarter in Dubai, they boast the most expensive handbag ever sold. Their famous 1001 Nights Diamond purse has the title of being the most expensive bag in the world, almost $3.8 million!

It’s a heart-shaped bag, made of 18-carat gold and sprinkled with precious stones – yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, and thousands of colorless diamonds – This is a purse worth your money.

Hermes Purses

Establishes in 1837, Paris, Hermes manufactures watches, shoes, and prestigious purses for women. They are known for making the most expensive purses for the elite, ranging from $5000 to $120,000.

Their popular number, Birkin’s handbag, was created by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka and sold for $1.9 million, crowning as the second most expensive handbag globally.

Chanel Purses

This brand needs no special introduction. Founded in Paris, France, in 1910, Chanel is an icon of luxury. Their ever famous “Diamond forever” handbag is made from high-quality crocodile leather, has over 300 diamonds, a detachable strap of 18k white gold, and is priced at $261,000.

Isn’t this bag should be in your collection?

Louis Vuitton Purses

Founded in Paris in 1854, Louis Vuitton is one of the most valuable brands in the world. Their bags are known for being water-resistant and fireproof. The most expensive handbag available on the market is worth $55,000; however, their famous Kusama Pumpkin Minaudiere jewel bag got sold for $133,430.

Marc Jacobs Purses

Another popular brand that holds the title for being the most expensive is Marc Jacobs.  Founded by American designer Marc Jacobs, this brand has the greatest fame in the United States.

Their most famous bag, Carolyn Crocodile’s, was sold for $50,000.

Judith Leiber Purses

How can we miss this one!

Founded in 1963, the Hungarian handbag brand Judith Leiber started with a few shelves in Europe’s famous boutique but soon gain popularity worldwide.

Their most expensive purse Precious rose, was shaped like a rose flower and was sold for $90,000. It’s completely covered in diamonds, tourmaline, and sapphires.

Prada Purses

A well-known Italian brand, Prada ventured into the fashion business in 1913. It caters to both women and men, and its products vary from bags to clothes, watches, cosmetics, and even jewelry.

Their handbags are popular because they are made of pure, perfect leather, and the most expensive one is said to be for more than $10,000.

For a casual outing, choose a classic number from Prada; they got a bust of colors available, especially soft pinks, faded dahlia, blues, and greens.

Hilde Palladino Purses

This famous brand from Norway came into the fashion world in 2001, quite late from the other brands on the list. But that didn’t stop it from gaining a name in the industry.

Its most expensive handbag is 39 rare diamonds, made of white crocodile leather and priced at $ 38,470. This popular handbag leads them to open a large number of stores globally.

So if you want to make a chic statement, try out their floral bags. Don’t worry about the money; some people invest in bags that cost the same as an actual house.

Gucci Purses

One of the oldest brands, Gucci is known for its luxury handbags.

Founded in 1921 as a leather goods company and luggage store by Guccio, the brand is now a part of fashion conglomerate Kering, controlled by French billionaire Francois Pinault.

One of the most expensive Gucci handbags is the Jackie O. Gucci featuring various equestrian symbols and shapes.

Lana Marks Purses

The world-famous brand Lana Marks offers great styles in up to a hundred different colors, shocking, right?

The company launched with the iconic alligator lunchbox handbag in hot pink color and later sold that same design in over 100 colors and various ostrich, crocodile, and lizard skins. If you wish to have that in your wardrobe, the prices start from $2,655, leading to $19,890.

Fendi Purses

Fendi dates back to 1925 in Rome. The brand is known for authentic leather products made from crocodile and lambskin.

Their most expensive handbag, Selleria, costs around $38,000 and is made up of chinchilla skin and sable.

Mulberry Purses

Popular UK label was founded in 1971 by Roger Saul. Initially, the brand used to manufacture leather belts with buckles, but it emerged as the top brand for handbags within no time.

Their most popular design is Heritage Bayswater, priced at over $2000.

Our Final Thoughts

Even if it’s a super tiny purse that seems so small to hold a tube of lipstick, you just can’t say no if it’s a classic designer purse.

If you’re confused about which luxury piece to splurge on, consider turning to the guide above, they are a great pick for seasons to come and deserve a spot in your wardrobe collection.

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