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Whether you’re trying to shed those extra pounds or simply like working out, getting a gym subscription, and maintaining a workout routine is bound to be on your to-do list. While it’s obvious that you can’t workout in your work clothes or your heels (don’t even try), it doesn’t mean that you can’t still show your trendy side. Out of all the items on your gym accessory checklist, a designer gym bag has to top the list.

It might surprise you to know that a trendy gym bag can play a role in your pursuit of a dream body. Many people accept that buying the best designer gym bags has helped them stay motivated for their gym sessions. Neither can you put those sweaty gym outfits in your favorite tote bag, nor will those sports shoes fit into your regular handbag.

So, before you end up ruining all other bags, read this article with our independent reviews on the best designer gym bags for men and women.

What to Look for in the Best Designer Gym Bags

What’s the first step in buying the perfect gym bag? Listing down the qualities that the product must have! The best designer gym bags have to be manufactured by a trusted brand, preferably a sports brand and should be packed with the following three qualities:

1. Meets Your Budget and Style

Looks matter, but so does your budget. You can always go on throwing a stack of bills to get the best designer gym bag and rock your new gym look. But, what if your budget for a gym bag isn’t that big or the product isn’t worth that much money?

We would define the best designer gym bag as one that perfectly fits your pocket, and your stuff perfectly fits in it. Your choice of a gym bag depends upon your style and environment. Make up your mind about the color and style, formal or casual. You can always opt to match the bag with your gym outfit.

2. Suits Your Gym Activity

From yoga to aerobics, Zumba to swimming, intense cardio to weight lifting, gym activities can be diverse. The type of activity you’re planning to take part in would define the type of bag you would need. If you are more inclined towards activities concerning water, like diving, water polo, underwater yoga, or swimming, you should choose a gym bag that is waterproof. You don’t want your wet swimsuit to dampen the inner lining of your bag.

Similarly, if you are planning to work out and sweat profusely, the material of your bag should be breathable and allow the stench of sweaty gym clothes to subside easily.

3. Carries All Your Stuff Comfortably

The most important part of a gym bag is the number of compartments it has. The rule “the more, the merrier” surely applies in this case. If you are conscious about your post-gym look, you are bound to take a shower and change into a pair of fresh clothes before leaving the premises. Hence you would need the compartments to keep your pair of change, shoes, and personal hygiene products. Even if you are usually in a hurry to leave the gym after working out, throwing all your stuff in a single compartment is not the most preferred way.

Now that we are aware of the features we want in our gym bags, let’s jump to our top recommendations. While you’ll find numerous unisex options in the market and a long list of brands making some spectacular products, we have included just the best of the best in this article. We have chosen our top pick for the best designer gym bags for men as well as for women.

Best Designer Gym Bag for Men: Adidas Diablo Duffel Bag

Adidas – The name says it all! A globally recognized, leading brand of sports gear and accessories has to come up with the best designer gym bags. We expected Adidas to offer us some great, convenient, and stylish duffel bags, and they definitely didn’t disappoint us!

Adidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag has the perfect size for a carry-on. It offers ease of transportation, just like a backpack. Even though the name says “small,” the duffel bag is certainly roomy and has sufficient space to contain all your stuff. With bag dimensions of 21x11x11 inches, it is a medium-sized gym bag.

The bag is made up of high-strength polyester, making it light-weight. However, we have noted that it is not quite as breathable as some cloth or canvas bags. However, if we had to choose between durability and breathability, we’ll surely choose the first quality.

This product is very sturdy and durable. It can easily carry all your athletic equipment without breaking a sweat. Keeping in mind that the bag is from the renowned Adidas brand, it comes at a great price. The bag will last long and would cost you less. The black and white exteriors make it look very classy and sophisticated. And, these qualities make it one of the best designer gym bags for men.

Best Designer Gym Bag for Women: Adidas Defender III

Our top pick for the ladies looking for the best designer gym bags is one of the Adidas duffel bags, specially designed for women!

You see the leaping puma on a bag, and you instantly say yes to it. Thanks to Adidas glorious reputation and affiliations with fields, tracks, and almost every sport, the Adidas brand has made it to the top of our list. Like all other Adidas bags, the Defender III Duffel bag is versatile, functional, and trendy.

Its impeccable 5-star rating on Amazon isn’t the only reason we have chosen this bag from Adidas’ eclectic range of duffel bags. The first thing that hooked us instantly was its extremely attractive exterior body. Available in formal black and white and super-cute pink-and-white variants, The Adidas duffel bag is entirely made up of polyester. The material is breathable and is machine washable, which makes its care very convenient. The bag is durable and quite soft.

It has a zipper closure, shoulder strap, and detachable dual handles with hook-and-loop connector. Another favorite feature is the shoe pocket, which helps you keep those sneakers securely tucked in. Moreover, it is light-weight and perfectly-sized. With approximate dimensions of 19″ H x 11″ W x 10″ D, a 7” handle drop, and a 11-22″ strap drop, the bag is easy to carry and will complete your overall gym look. It also includes 1 side zip pocket and 1 locker loop, a very spacious main compartment, and 1 zip pocket.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s finally time to invest in a stylish gym bag! You should check out the products we reviewed above. We are confident that a designer gym bag would not only make you feel motivated to hit the gym, but it will also get you some attention from others at the gym! Once you experience the convenience of carrying a gym bag, it will become your new gym buddy. Have fun flaunting your new bag!

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