Best Designer Sling Bags: Top 4 Reviewed

You’re probably going to agree with us when we say how difficult it can be to take care of your handbag when traveling. After all, it is not safe to leave your handbag in your hotel room or at the apartment you rented on Airbnb. But then how are you going to carry a water bottle, your wallet, your sunglasses, and other essential items? Big-sized backpacks are an easy way to carry all the above-mentioned items, but they tend to be hard on your shoulders. Not to mention, you do not want to look like a school-going child on an annual school trip when you are taking a selfie. You clearly don’t want that.

Sling bags

What are the options left for you to carry your essential items? There is only one answer: sling bags. What are they, you might ask. All of you might know what a backpack is. Inspired by a school bag, travelers usually carry a sling bag on a day excursion or out at a night market. Travelers wear these bags on their backs or on the front so that they can keep their hands free and don’t miss out on clicking pictures of the amazing views of the exotic places they are vacationing at. Sling bags are like backpacks but have only one strap. This gives them an appearance similar to that of crossbody bags.

The 4 Best Designer Sling Bags

These extremely durable bags play an important role in making your travel trips easy, fun and less hectic. In this article, we’ll introduce some of the best designer sling bags to you.

1. Betsey Johnson Sling Bag

Relive your childhood with this cute sling bag. Betsey Johnson Candy Hearts Sling is an all-black bag with a diamond-quilted front. The front of the bag is adorned with tiny multicolor hearts that complement its gold hardware. It is a highly durable bag with an adjustable strap that makes it so convenient to carry. The webbing strap has the Betsey Johnson signature throughout. It is a compact bag with two pockets – one main compartment and the other small pocket on the front. It has sufficient space to carry a small water bottle and other important items.

Pros of Betsey Johnson Sling

  • Zipper closure
  • Front zipper pocket for additional security
  • Adjustable strap

Cons of Betsey Johnson Sling

  • Not suitable for rough adventures

2. Louis Vuitton Sling Bag

One of the most elegant and sophisticated bags, the Louis Vuitton Sling Bag has an eye-catching design that will make almost everyone fall in love with it. The bag has a chequered design and silver hardware. It has two internal flat pockets and one external zipped pocket. This elegant bag will elevate your style wherever you go. So, make your Insta pictures more likable by wearing this sling bag.

Pros of Louis Vuitton Sling Bag

  • Textile lining
  • Adjustable strap
  • Two strap hooks

Cons of Louis Vuitton Sling Bag

  • Too pricey

3. IVTG Sling Bag

The IVTG Sling Bag needs no introduction. Made manually from cow leather, this high-quality bag is exceptionally durable. Its sturdy material allows it to withstand all types of weather conditions. It is convenient to use and has enough space for carrying your essential items. This fashionable and glamorous bag will look perfect on you. Its unique color also makes the bag ideal for daily use.

Pros of IVTG Sling Bag

  • Spacious
  • Genuine leather
  • Handmade
  • Vintage style

Cons of IVTG Sling Bag

  • May require extra care

4. Primo Sacchi Italian Shoulder Bag

Primo Sacchi is a luxurious Italian brand that has dominated the fashion industry with its wonderful products. Its sling bags are made of high-quality materials that add to the durability of the bag. Even though it is a sling bag with a single strap, its strap is zipped in the middle, which allows you to turn the sling back into a backpack if needed.

Pros of Primo Sacchi Italian Shoulder Bag

  • Spacious
  • Comes with a storage bag

Cons of Primo Sacchi Italian Shoulder Bag

  • Doesn’t have a zipped pocket on the front

What to Consider When Buying the Best Designer Sling Bags

Since you will be using your sling bags for your travels, it is important for you to buy a high-quality product that doesn’t give you a hard time when you’re traveling. In comparison to a backpack, sling bags are smaller in size and have a small useable space. However, their sleek and chic designs make them a hit among people who don’t want to carry oversized bags with them when they are out exploring a new city. To ensure that you don’t end up buying a substandard bag, consider the following factors to buying the best designer sling bag.

1. Size and Capacity

Sling bags are smaller than a standard backpack and have a sleek design. But they have the capacity of almost 8-10 liters. This means that your sling bag has the space to carry your essential items, including your wallet, cash, phone, coins, headphones, and your e-reader or tablet. It can also hold a small-sized water bottle as well. It is also important for you to remind yourself over and over and that a sling bag is not an alternative to a standard backpack. Therefore, you shouldn’t overstuff it with more than what it can hold.

2. Durability

Since you will be using sling bags for a long period of time, it is essential that you choose a bag that is made up of sturdy material. When you are out on an adventure, you cannot predict what kind of weather you will encounter. This is why you need a bag that can withstand all types of weather conditions, including humidity, rain, etc. If you are considering to go for water-based sports, you should get a bag that is made up of nylon or PVC to protect against water damage. To make your traveling comfortable, get a bag that is breathable so that you don’t end up getting sweat patches on your body. It is equally important to get a bag that has strong straps. If straps come out, you will not be able to carry the bag easily.

3. Comfort

You will be traveling with your sling bag. If a bag is designed in such a manner that it causes any discomfort to you, you should avoid buying it. Be very careful about the level of comfort that the bag can provide since your entire trip will be ruined if you are left dealing with an uncomfortable bag on your back.

4. Your Usage

It is also important to decide why you need a slingback. If you have to carry a large number of essential items, you mustn’t go for fancy sling bags that are made to hold soft loads. There are bags that are designed for heavy-duty and those may be more suitable for you.

Our Final Thoughts

Slings bags are a glamorous, sleek, and chic substitute for backpacks. They are easy to carry and have sufficient space to carry your essential items, such as mobile phones, headphones, cards, and other important things. However, you shouldn’t just buy the first sling bag that you come across. In fact, you must carry out extensive research to figure out what kind of sling bag is best for you.

In this article, besides listing some of the best designer sling bags, we have shared the important factors that you must consider before you set out to buy a designer sling bag.

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