Best Used MCM Purses

Best Used MCM Purses

Want to know how to buy the best used MCM purses at great prices? You have landed at the right place, but first, let’s talk about the brand.

MCM Worldwide is a leather luxury goods brand founded in 1976 by Michael Cromer München in Germany. In the 90s, the brand was more famous and successful than Louis Vuitton and Gucci; they owned 250 stores and had a turnover of 250 million per year. Something changed, and the brand disappeared from the market. However, a few years ago, the brand made a comeback, and since then, every fashion enthusiast and influencer has been a die-hard fan of their bags.

Wearing MCM feels like a dream hanging on your shoulders—that’s how fashion enthusiasts feel about the brand! Everything about the brand stands out. If you want your initials engraved on your products, they do that too. If you think Louis Vuitton’s logo is famous, you haven’t checked out MCM’s yet. Right at this point, their logo embedded on a bag is itself a fashion statement.

MCM Worldwide Bag Collection – You Can Fall in Love With ‘Things’ Too!

From Neymar Jr. to Beyonce, you will see many celebrities wearing MCM and shining. In the 80s, the brand was known for ‘flashy and out-there’ designs.

If we specifically talk about bags from their women’s collection, they have a collection of cross-body bags, shoppers, shoulder bags, top-handle bags, belt-bags, clutches/pouches, and mini bags. For men, they have backpacks, messengers, briefcases, wallets, and weekenders.

Regardless of what kind of taste you have, you will find something on the website that you will fall in love with deeply. If you are a sucker for a good blood-red then owning their Mena Shoulder Bag in Visetos Leather Block will become your dream. If you are all about decent-but-classic colors, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of their Tracy Shoulder Bag in Visetos Leather Mix.

The 4 Best Used MCM Purses

Now, let’s talk about the real deal—PRICES!! MCM is a luxury brand, and to be honest, it’s not just about the prices but how it isn’t easy to even get your hands on them.

So what do you do when you see your entire salary on a price tag? You move on and leave the dreamiest bag? NO. You get a pre-loved one. If you are an influencer on a budget or someone who just loves fashion, you would want to own all the bags from their collection. However, buying an original piece will cost you A LOT! So, here we are with the best used MCM purses that you can buy at better prices.

1. Visetos Small Essential Backpack Beige

This stunning backpack is a look on its own. If you fell in love with this piece, seeing it out-of-stock on the official website must have broken your heart, but you can get it at a better price from here.

The piece comes with removable shoulder straps and interior and exterior pockets. The leather straps are shiny; which can take your basic outfit to the next level. The magnetic tab closure makes it practical and comes in handy too.

The bag is covered with the MCM logo scattered around the surface—which makes it more flattering. It’s beige, so you can carry it with any color that you are wearing. Let’s say you are wearing something completely basic with no vibrant colors or anything bold; in that case, even a white T-shirt, blue denim jeans, high top white sneakers and this bag will make a basic but truly stunning look.

2. Visetos Side Stud Medium Stark Backpack Blue

Here’s another backpack that we are all about. If you are all about vibrant colors, you will see it, you will like it, want it, and buy it. This backpack has, again, the MCM logo scattered all over it. If you like everything organized, you will fall in love with the handy front pocket.

It has more compartments and pockets that will make it your go-to bag for daily use. If you love silver, you will immediately fall in love with the silver studs that the bag carries. Again, it’s a true fashion statement, friend!

3. Visetos Medium Essentials Shopper Tote Cognac

How can one love bags and not fall in love with totes, and especially if we’re talking MCM’s totes? If you are all about that sophisticated, decent, well put together look, this bag will become your best friend—you wouldn’t want to go out without taking it along. MCM logo engraved all over the bag? YES, PLEASE!

This light-brown colored tote comes with leather strap handles and removable shoulder straps. The tote carries patch pockets, and its beige interior makes it a complete hit. Finely crafted on coated canvas, you wouldn’t just want to carry everyday essentials in it; rather, it would end up becoming an everyday essential for you.

4. Grained Calfskin Small Milla Crossbody Sky Blue

When the color sky blue and bags meet, pure magic is created. A cross-body bag just makes your outfit more flattering, but when we talk about MCM’s Grained Calfskin Cross-body Bag, it turns your look into a signature one.  This grained calfskin leather bag comes with adjustable leather shoulder straps and can add that oomph factor to your look.

Imagine wearing a grey outfit and carrying this bag, making it a look that could kill (literally). The interior is partitioned, so you don’t just use the bag as a fashion statement but for practical use as well.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Used MCM Purses

Bags are where a fashion enthusiast’s heart lies. MCM’s bag collection will want to make you buy everything. For some, the price point is where things go down, but that won’t happen when you have the option to buy the best used MCM purses at great prices.

MCM worldwide has made a comeback, and if they continue doing what they are doing with their bags, they will never see a fall again. It’s because of brands like MCM that a true fashionista is born every day!

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