How to Fix a Purse Zipper

Who would have thought knowing how to fix a purse zipper could be quite the trick? Now that you can no longer close your favorite purse because you pulled on the zipper too hard, you are probably regretting that time you were watching DIY videos and moved the cursor away from the one that showed the steps on how to do it.

Learn How to Easily Fix a Purse Zipper

The good news is that fixing a zipper is not that hard. Most people throw their belongings with broken zippers in the back of their closet and look for a replacement. If you are one of those, you are in luck today because we are about to tell you how to fix a purse zipper with pliers.

Yes, just one tool!

Before we begin, there’s something you need to know ― if the zipper track is damaged, there’s nothing you can do except for taking your purse to the nearest shoe repair and getting it replaced. Refrain from using oils to smoothen the glide because that will stain your purse.

Steps on How to Fix a Purse Zipper

The reason why a zipper stops working is that either it is stuck or the tension in the zipper pull that tightens the teeth has become loose. There’s no need to lose your calm because zippers are prone to glitches. There are two ways to fix a zipper. If the zipper track has a stopper, you can easily remove it with pliers and slide out the zipper. If the zipper track has stitches on one end, a stitch ripper will do.

*Never tighten the zipper pull while it’s on track. This can leave scratch marks on your purse and destroy its appeal.

Things You Will Need (To Fix the Zipper)

  • Pliers
  • Stitch Ripper
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • A Sewing Kit
  • New Zipper (If you are replacing the old one)

Step #1

Take Apart the Zipper

Slide the zipper pull to the edge so that the flat surface rests against the stopper. Use your pliers or the stitch ripper to remove the stopper. If the tab of the zipper pull is broken, use a paper clip to work it out.

Step #2

Fix the Zipper Pull

Slide-out the zipper pull and inspect it to see if there are any signs of rust on the edges. If the zipper pull looks fine, use your pliers to press the sides together. Your goal here is to tighten the zipper pull so that it can connect the zipper teeth with the appropriate amount of pressure.

Step #3

Put the Zipper Pull Back On

Slide the zipper pull back on track. Use the flat head screwdriver to press the track into the zipper pull and then push it from underneath.

Step #4

Assemble the Zipper

When the zipper pull is on track, put back the stopper. If it’s a metal piece, curve the end fabric of the zipper, press it into the stopper, and press down with the pliers. If you removed the stitches, use a needle and the same colored thread as the zipper and sew the ends together.

Step #5

Test the Zipper

Test the zipper’s tension by moving it slightly up and down. If the slide feels smooth, push the zipper pull all the way down, hold the stopper with one hand and pull, and push up the zipper with your other hand.

How to Fix a Stuck Zipper

As mentioned earlier, refrain from using oils because they can stain the purse. You need something that will not run down the purse and, at the same time, lubricate the track, so the zipper moves up and down easily.

At home, you can use a candle to wax the zipper. Make sure there are no clumps that might form into a gooey, dust ball. If you find yourself with a stuck zipper while shopping, rub a little lip balm on the track, and the purse will open immediately.

Tips on How to Fix Common Zipper Problems

  • Zipper Opening by Itself:If your zipper opens without you even touching it, you probably don’t know about its locking mechanism. After closing the zipper, press it down, and you will hear an almost inaudible snapping sound. That’s the zipper being set in its place.
  • Rusted Zipper:A rusted zipper needs to be entirely replaced, but you can prevent it from reaching this condition by closing the zipper when washing your purse.
  • Thread Stuck in the Zipper Teeth:Use lip balm to smoothen the track and gently push the zipper to the opening end. You will see the thread sticking out clearly, and since it’s lubricated, you will be able to pull it out easily.
  • Separating Zipper:Use pliers to narrow the horizontal space and then press down to make the vertical space smaller. The snugger the zipper pull is on track, the tighter the zipper teeth will fuse.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Fix a Purse Zipper

See, that wasn’t so hard? Now that you know how to fix a purse zipper, we recommend keeping a couple of spare zipper pulls and tabs in your sewing kit so that you can fix your purse the moment you see it not opening properly. As for on-the-go stuck zippers, make sure that you have a tin of lip balm or petroleum jelly in your purse. It will hardly take 15 to 20 minutes to fix a zipper.

There’s nothing more horrifying than standing in the checkout line, and when your turn comes, seeing your purse open and your money missing. The panic you feel is nothing compared to the embarrassment when people standing behind you start to get impatient. So, better check your old purses at home before using them.

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