How to Remove Creases from a Designer Handbag

Preventing your bag from folding or having creases is daunting. One way to remove creases from a designer handbag is to hang it alone in an empty space after use. However, once or twice you’ll find it under a pile of clothes. Aging also contributes to creasing, something you cannot control. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to remove creases.

How to Remove Creases from a Designer Handbag

Removing creases on your handbag depends on the material used to make it. For most designer ones, it is leather. While ironing works for most fabrics, like clothes, you cannot achieve the same aim comfortably with leather. Ironing will cause more harm than good when not done accurately. Read more to find out how to remove creases from your handbag properly.

How Do Wrinkles And Creases Get Your Designer Handbag?

The most probable culprit for wrinkles on a handbag or any leather is the storage bit. Not properly storing your handbag in the correct places and in the right way encourages creases to appear gradually until you take notice. Piling your clothes in your bag is one way to make it wrinkled, and leaving it on the couch for others to sit on accidentally is another way.

If you have an expensive designer handbag, chances are you only use it for special occasions. However, not using your bag as often as possible can lead to leather deterioration and creasing. Bags stored in moist spaces likely pick up moisture that dispenses when the air becomes dry. When this happens repeatedly, your bag will start creasing.

Overusing a handbag also advances creases. If you have one bag or grow accustomed to using one because of convenience, chances are it will wrinkle faster than that of the person who alternates their bags when going out.

Leather handbags have a strict way of cleaning them. Some people prefer using washing machines to clean their bags, which might be safe. However, the twists and turns in the machine will not do the leather any good. After some wash, the bag will become wrinkly and have some noticeable creases.

Whichever way you choose to protect your bag from creases, eventually it will pick some. Here are methods you can use to undo the creases.

What Is The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Creases On Designer Handbags?

The easiest way to restore wrinkled leather bags is to take them to a leather expert, but you’ll need to sacrifice time and money for the expert to complete the process. Alternatively, you could accomplish the same objective by making the activity a DIY. The below list has some proven strategies that work.

Using the bag’s weight to remove creases

The weight method is perhaps the easiest and cheapest, as it only requires:

  • Laundry Clips
  • Hangers
  • Empty spaces for hanging the treated handbag

Start by attaching a laundry clip one by one on the sides of your designer handbag until there is no space for additional clips. Using your hands, apply some force to stretch the bag further, to open up some wrinkles at the center unaffected by the clips.

Take a hanger and insert it into the stretch bag to allow it to maintain a stretched position after releasing the force inserted by the hand. Finally, hang the bag in an open space for about two weeks.

The space should not have any holes to let sunlight in, as it might wrinkle the handbag even more. After two weeks, the bag should be free from most creases.

Treating creases using steamers

Ordinary cloth made from fibers can handle direct contact with iron steamers well when removing creases. However, leather cannot sustain direct heat from a steam iron. Any attempts to do so will destroy your designer handbag.

For steamers to work with leather, you must have at least a four-inch gap from the point of operation. Hang your designer bag in an open area using a hanger or whatever can make it dangle freely in the air, then identify the areas that need straightening. Focus the steam on these areas.

Steamers set in warm configurations tender the leather enough to remove creases and do so quickly. Move around the steamer as quickly as you would a steam iron on a fiber shirt. If possible, you can turn your bag inside out in areas with many creases to have better results.

As expected, moisture will start coming out of some sections of the wrinkled bag. Turn away the steam iron safely and wipe off the moisture as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that configuring the steamer in cold air dispenses water particles into the leather, which will reduce its lifespan. You should keep tabs on the air temperature reaching the bag to prevent cold air reaching your bag.

Steaming might add little traces of water particles to your handbag, which is bad for leather. Put the leather bag in an empty space for some time to dry before use.

Using a regular steam iron to remove creases

Steam irons work best on fiber clothes, and using them on leather might not give the desired results. However, if you don’t have a steamer around, steam irons can do the trick but should be in low heat configuration. In addition, you should have a heavy brown cover on top of the bag while doing the ironing to protect the leather from accidental heat.

Ironing a handbag to remove creases from a designer handbag is the same as what you do on fiber clothes, meaning you’ll need a horizontal surface to hold your bag. Before straightening the bag, check for any water in the steam iron’s water compartment. Any water falling on the bag will gradually wear out the leather.

The iron should be in motion every time while on the handbag and controlled with a light hand. Focus on the creased areas first, and move the iron gently to other places for uniformity.

After ironing, store the bag in an empty place and use a substitute for some time. Resting it will help create a crisp look that will last for a while.

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