How to Tell If a Gucci Purse Is Real

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Your friend just pointed out to you that your Gucci purse looks a little off. She can’t quite put her finger on it, but there’s certainly something different about it. Her remarks haunt you for a couple of days, and you finally decide to browse online to find out whether what she said had some truth to it or not.

Fingers crossed, you see website after website detailing how to tell if a Gucci purse is real. There’s just too much information and now you are utterly confused. The good news is that you have finally come to the right blog post because we have the answers to your query. When the first Gucci bag was introduced in 1921, Guccio had no idea that his creation would be replicated so fast and sold in the back alley of thrift stores. So, if you didn’t buy your Gucci purse from the brand’s outlet or official website, your friend might be on to something.

The bad news is that you are about to find out if you spent thousands of dollars on a knock-off. Below are some signs that will help you recognize a real Gucci purse from a fake:

How to Spot a Real Gucci Purse

Before we begin, there’s one thing you need to know. Don’t get stuck on the Gucci logo design. In 2016, the brand made an addition to its logo design. Before, the two G’s were interlocked together. Now, they overlap. The new G looks sleeker as it has a pointy top. Sometimes, the top flap will be textured with no stylized G’s on it. However, you will still see the brand name written on it. In some cases, the top flap will have both the lettering and the logo.

That being said, here’s how to tell if a Gucci purse is real:

Inspect the Logo Design

Let’s start with something simple ― the logo. As mentioned above, your Gucci bag will come with a logo. The only difference is that the newer bags will have an overlapping logo. Rub the logo with your hand and make sure that the color is not just painted on. Do ask the seller how old the bag is so that if it’s old, you can tick off the logo from your checklist.

Check the Hardware Quality

All Gucci purses have sturdy and thick brass hardware. If the YKK zipper is made of plastic, you better return that purse, because it’s not real. The zip tab will be heavy and have the Gucci logo on it. If you can’t fasten the top clasp properly, this is another sign that the purse is fake.

Feel the Leather and Lining

While leather feels soft to touch, spotting the genuine material from a fake is hard. However, the stitches and seams will tell you the true story. If they are crooked with threads coming from all ends, the purse is a knock-off.

The lining is equally important too. Open the purse and feel the inside cloth. If it’s made of plastic or a wrinkly fabric, you have been duped.

Look for the Dust Bag

All original Gucci purses come with a dust bag. This bag usually has Gucci written on it in gold. If the purse comes in a plastic shopper, then bail quickly! If you are buying a Gucci purse from eBay, you might not get the dust bag. In this case, tell the seller to send you close-up pictures of the purse.

Find the Controllato Card

The controllato card is a small card that has the name Gucci written on it in all caps with the word controllato in lower case and a couple of digits. This card is proof of authenticity, but relying on it would be a mistake. Not all Gucci purses have a controllato card, and those that do could be replicated.

People often lose these cards and sell their Gucci purse without them. So, if you don’t find one, it’s still possible that your Gucci purse is real. Nowadays, reputable resale companies are offering Gucci purses with their own personal authenticity card. This card offers the buyer peace of mind that if they do find out the purse is a fake, they can easily return it. Moreover, these resale companies also provide a lifetime warranty.

Look for the Serial Number Under the Front Flap

All Gucci purses have a serial number. This is a key feature that ensures that the purse you are buying is original. The serial number usually has 10 to 12 digits, which are written in two rows. In some cases, the numbers are the same if the same supplier provided them.

The top six numbers indicate the purse’s style number, and the bottom ones have the supplier’s code. The serial numbers are written on a tag or underneath the flap. Check the inside seams to find the tag. Older models didn’t have a serial number. Instead, they had the two G’s written in cursive writing.

The front of the tag will have the logo and the words “made in Italy,” and the back will have the serial number. The new models now have an extra layer of security that includes the logo, the serial number, and a QR code. This layer makes being duped by a seller impossible.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Tell if a Gucci Purse is Real or Fake

There are plenty of what-ifs when it comes to checking your Gucci purse’s authenticity. Due to the changes in designs, spotting the signs can be a little difficult.

The conclusion to how to tell if a Gucci purse is real relies on the quality of a few things that have remained consistent over the years. These include the hardware, the leather, and the lining. With the addition of the QR code, buyers can now do a quick scan to check easily whether the purse is an original or a knock-off.

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