Best Women’s Designer Handbags

Every woman deserves a handbag that exudes style and sophistication. Today’s designer labels have outdone themselves to deliver handbags that not only function well but look stunning. There are dozens of lovely prints that will match your ensemble while bringing out your taste for the finer things in life.

best womens designer handbags

To determine the best designer handbag to add to your collection, you want to decide which style best fits your aesthetic. Is it a satchel, cross-body bag, special occasion clutch, or workplace tote? You will find that most of the bags in our selection have a minimalistic, 90s nostalgic element, and we hope that you will find something you like.

Gucci’s classic shoulder bag

First on our list is Gucci, whose label is famous for producing all kinds of designer bags from mini-designer to massive designer purses with their easy-to-spot logo. If you are looking for a 90s classic shoulder purse, consider the 1955 Gucci Horsebit supreme shoulder bag.

The Jackie 1961 leather shoulder bag is even more vintage and matches well with a simple denim skirt with chunky heels for a weekend out. Gucci is the label to watch for the smaller yet durable and fully-functional designer handbag.

Another quality, yet stylish Gucci bag to look out for is the GG Marmont matelasse’. Made of 100% Egyptian cotton, this bag has the quilted design, the GG logo, and plenty of room for the stylish woman that is always out on the move.

Chanel quilted bag

This French fashion house always makes the list in any fine, luxury bag discussion. Coco Chanel designed the quilted bag herself in 1955, and it has since evolved to meet today’s woman’s aesthetic.  Today’s neutral-colored quilted medium Flap bag will put you in the class of Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, and Zoe Kravitz, who have all been spotted rocking it.

This quilted leather and cotton purse has plenty of room for your daily essentials. The March 2019 release sports the iconic interlocking CC turn lock and boxy design. Whichever color you choose will add a dash of class to your t-shirt and jeans.

Kate Spade Smile Croc-Embossed small shoulder bag

Kate Spade is well known for creating bags that look great and inject cheer and joy into any outfit. The Smile Croc-embossed bag’s shape feels like a smiling face. It is available in dark green, black, and burgundy for women that love serious colors; but you can also snap it up in hot pink and sunny yellow.

Its ’90s nostalgic style means that it is small and is worn on the shoulder, making it ideal for an elegant date night.

Valentino Garavani shoulder bag

Italian designer Valentino Garavani designed this bag for the woman that wants to switch between a crossbody bag, clutch, or shoulder bag. This lovely bag with the signature VL Logo has a removable chain and handle.

This purse can quickly transition between a status symbol at a high-profile event and a playful yet classy addition to a casual weekend outfit.

Dior: best designer tote

Add some elegance to your daytime ensemble with the Dior beige-and-brown designer Book Tote.

This unique tote is perfect for days when your outfit is more neutral and is in urgent need of some spice. Its popularity in the rectangle totes category has made it Dior’s house staple.

The Hermes Birkin Vintage Handbag

The Birkin Bag, named after designer Jane Birkin, has been the go-to option for CEOs and other corporate-level execs since its inception in 1984. This tote is a neat boardroom classic with plenty of room for everything needed to make your workday come together.

The Hemes Birkin is so popular that getting your hands on it may prove to be challenging. However, any online or physical luxury store with a vintage handbag selection may have one or two hanging about.

Prada sleek leather bag

Prada’s bags are another option if you adore 90s classic small shoulder bags. They are now available in plenty of brilliant colors that women globally seem to like this year. Their classic silhouettes transform any power suit or casual outfit into a polished ensemble.

Many influencers and fashion editors highly recommend this investment for the stylish woman looking to splurge on a sleek Cleo bag.

The Stella McCartney Saddlebag

If you do not want a leather bag, then this 100% polyester designer saddlebag is for you. It has a beautiful compact design, a flap top, and the perforated designer logo on its front. Its adjustable shoulder strap is also branded.

Stella McCartney never uses any animal products in any of their collections, making it the go-to luxury brand for sustainability-oriented fashionistas.

Louis Vuitton’s Noe

The Louis Vuitton Noe is the world’s first designer bucket bag. This massive luxury bag was first built in 1932 to help women transport champagne in a discreet yet classy way.

Today, it is available in plenty of colors and prints, from the classic LV print to Damier Azur and monogram.

This is the best designer handbag for women that carry laptops and other devices to work, or that require a little more room from their daily designer bag.

The Burberry crossbody

This messenger bag from the luxury brand Burberry is among the most popular handbags for the office.

It has the Burberry’s neutral-colored vintage check and is built with soft leather. With an adjustable shoulder strap, plenty of space, and neutral hues, you can wear this to make a subtle style statement at your workplace.

Versace’s black Medusa mini-embellished handbag

If your aesthetic is less serious and more fun and flirty, this is the designer mini-handbag for you. This bag should help you switch from drab and busy workdays to brilliant and casual weekends.

This handbag has the Medusa head on the front flap’s center and glided chains, two of Versace’s most valuable and loved motifs.

The Versace black Medusa handbag is built with shiny, high-quality leather. Its compact silhouette should carry a few daily essentials for your day out.

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