Is a Purse a Good Gift for a Girlfriend?

With the fall season in full swing, it is finally that time of the year when everything is already on sale or about to go on sale so that everyone planning on purchasing gifts can easily do so without compromising on quality for a more affordable price tag.

Is a Purse a Good Gift for a Girlfriend?

However, when you have a high-maintenance girlfriend on the holiday gift radar, it becomes quite difficult to even come up with the perfect gift that would suit her style and preference. But how about we recommend you the perfect gift ever without breaking the bank?

Designer Purses – The Perfect Gift

Handbags and purses are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. They are available under so many designer brands, style statements, colors, patterns, and styles that you are bound to find something that would suit your girlfriend’s stature.

However, apart from these benefits, the best part about gifting a designer purse to your girlfriend is that it makes for a long-lasting, high-quality gift that would last her a lifetime (probably longer than your relationship).

This means that next year even if you cut down a little and get her something a bit lower on the price tag, it would already have been well-compensated for, thanks to the designer handbag or purse she owns from last year.

Many brands launch special holiday capsule collections, especially for this reason. Moreover, you can get their fall and winter collection purses at a discount because of the holiday season. You don’t even have to wrap the gift. Simply make it thoughtful by considering her needs.

Top 6 Designer Purse Brands To Choose From

So if you have been sold on getting your girlfriend a designer purse for this year’s holiday celebrations, this list will help you even further. We have compiled a list of the top six brands that make high-quality designer purses that you can choose to buy from.

None of these brands is unnecessarily expensive, won’t exceed a certain budget mark, and definitely cater to the style statement and aesthetic you aim for. So let’s check out these brands and take it from there, shall we?

1. Chloe

One of the most popular brands nowadays that has made a comeback thanks to its social media presence is Chloe. With a minimal yet classy style aesthetic, they have a wide range of neutral and brightly colored accessories, from purses to handbags and wallets.

The best about Chloe is that you can even purchase their trendy matching mules with the bag to make it a whole package as a gift. Their products are high-quality and sure to become a favorite wardrobe staple for anyone owning them.

2. Coach

Coach is one brand that doesn’t need an introduction. A high-fashion brand iconic for its trendy color bursts and minimal yet statement-making designs in almost every product they make, be it dresses, purses, shoes, or other accessories.

The best part about Coach as a brand is that despite being a high-fashion brand, its pieces are timeless and rightfully priced. So it is worth your investment as it would never go out of fashion and suit all your formal and casual daily-life needs with a purse.

3. Tory Burch

If there is one brand that has it all, it’s Tory Burch. From outfits to accessories, purses, and even skincare and bath products – Tory Burch can have you purchase all your holiday gifts from a single store raid without spending too much.

They even have footwear and fragrances if you want to make a whole self-care basket for your girlfriend. Everything is top quality, reasonably priced, and available in various styles, color choices, and patterns.

4. River Island

A UK-based brand that has gone global, thanks to its seamless online ecommerce experience and versatile product catalog. This a refreshing change for people trying LV to change their style aesthetic. River Island comes close to giving it a new trendy twist.

It is like LV is high-end and more for ladies; River Island is a designer brand for girls. So it makes for the perfect choice if you want to gift a purse to your girlfriend. You can even choose customized charms to attach to the bag.

5. Michael Kors

Michael Kors might be very well known for its watches, but that doesn’t mean anything else in its product catalog is not worth it. In fact, we’ll go as far as saying that Michael Kors bags are criminally underrated.

They are not only versatile to suit all your day to night time looks. They are high-quality, durable, long-lasting, and chic. The minimal patterns make for a trendy look that allows them to be carried with formal as well as casual everyday clothing.

6. Charles & Keith

Last but not least, a personal favorite has to be Charles & Keith. Recently gone global over the span of the last few years, this brand has enhanced both its store numbers and style aesthetic. With bags and footwear priced well and made with trendy designs in mind, it is worth the buck.

They make great investment pieces, and you can build your own collection over time. Brand loyalty plays a great role here because their seasonal collections would have you drooling to get all the pieces you can get your hands on.

Our Final Thoughts

Designer handbags are considered an ultimate luxury and are mostly unaffordable for many people. Hence it is important to research and look for brands that cater to your price point but are still considered branded upscale purses without breaking the bank.

Safe to say these brands are the best ones that have global recognition and popularity among the masses. With their versatile collection and style aesthetic, you’ll surely be able to find something for your girlfriend this holiday season.

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